Rancho de España Antigua


Cesaré Borgia de España Antigua
(Senior Diego x La Victoria)

Cesaré is a grullo 2014 stallion bred by us. He is by our deceased stallion Senior Diego and out of our favorite mare La Victoria. He is currently being trained in California bridle by Pete Spates (the style of horsemanship that this breed was used to develop back during colonial California). Cesaré will finish maturing at 15HH. His color profile is Ee Dd which means that he has the ability to produce all color spectrums that this breed comes in except bay and dun. The mare would need to carry the bay (agouti) gene in order for Cesaré to be able to produce dun and bay. Cesaré is an easy going stallion that loves people and is a gentleman with the mares.  Cesaré is being stood at stud at Rancho de España Antigua for the foreseeable future. We feel so lucky that his owner has agreed to allow this fabulous stallion to stay with us to breed more correct and typey foals. 
2018 Stud Fee: $1000 to all approved mares.
Available via fresh chilled or frozen semen only. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Dragon's Sulphur Breath
(Cortez x Cisco)

Dragon is a 1999 14.2HH zebra dun stallion bred by Sheri Wysong of Delta, UT. He is the last known intact son of Cortez and is thus a very important stallion in continuing his tail line on. Dragon is very personable, easy going, willing to work, and enjoys being messed with. He is not spooky and is a real gem of a stallion. We feel very fortunate to have recently been able to purchase this amazing stallion and feel honored that his previous owner contacted us to give Dragon a home for the rest of his days. 

Dragon will be bred for the first time this season to our mares and we are greatly looking forward to seeing what he produces for us. If you are interested in a Dragon foal, please contact us. We will be sending his hair off for color genetic testing shortly.

2018 Stud Fee: On Request


Senior Diego


Diego was a 1995 14.2HH zebra dun. Diego came to us in 2013. He was such a gentle stallion that he is able to be handled by novice adults; even around mares in season. He was very easy to hand breed or pasture breed. Diego was green broke at one point, but due to an injury he was no longer sound to ride.

Diego was collected for frozen semen and has 12 doses on ice. Only special consideration will be given to qualified mares whose owners would like a Diego foal.