Rancho de España Antigua



California Vaquero Horses

La Victoria
(Foundation x Foundation)

La Victoria is a 1996 14.3HH grulla mare. I have had the pleasure of owning this mare since January 2002 and she is the reason why I am so in love with this breed. She is an outstanding producer and fantastic mother. Victoria has been color tested to be homozygous black which means that she will never have a red based foal no matter the color of the sire she is bred to. She has had 5 healthy foals that have all been grulla in color. She is due for her 6th foal in late March 2014. She has been my partner in crime for 16 years now and is the mare that got me dedicated to this breed.. She is a blast to go down the trails with and tries her best to do what is asked of her. She is a typical Spanish mare in that she is high spirited, intelligent, hard working, and ever ready to obey at the slightest gesture. 

Victoria has been semi-retired from being my main riding mount to fulfill her duties as a broodmare and help her breed survive by providing high quality foals into this world. Victoria has been bred to Cesaré for an early 2019 foal. Will be offered for sale if a colt. We are hoping for a replacement filly with this breeding.

Sulphur's Arista
(Foundation x Foundation)

Sulphur's Arista is a 2000 14HH claybank dun mare. What causes her light color is a mystery. She has been color tested to be ee aa DD and negative for cream, pearl, and silver. Arista is a very sweet mare that loves attention. She is very easy to handle as well as an easy breeder. Arista has had 3 foals before I bought her. Two were purebred and one was by an Arabian stallion. 

Arista has been bred to Cesaré Borgia de España Antigua for a June 2018 foal. Color possibilities are red dun or grulla. Foal will be offered for sale. Please see the sale page to view Arista's gorgeous 2017 filly by Cesaré.

Lady Diana
(Foundation x Foundation)

Lady Diana is a 1999 14.1HH pale grulla mare. She was captured from the Sulphur HMA in the last great gather of the Spanish horses from the Mountain Home Range area in 2001. She was added to our herd in October 2015 and is a shy, but sweet mare. She stands around 14.2HH and is a middle ranking member of the herd. We intend on sending her for training where she will learn how to be ridden once she weans her 2017 purebred foal.  Lady Diana has gorgeous elevated movement that we are hoping she passes onto her foals. She was DNA tested to be heterozygous black and homozygous dun.

Lady will be bred to Dragon for an early 2019 foal. Lady's 2017 colt by Cesaré was sold at two days old!

Black Rose
(Foundation x Foundation)

Black Rose is an alpha mare that is very personable. She was born in 1997 and captured from the Sulphur HMA in 1998. She enjoys attention and scratches and is a fantastic riding horse. She loves to go, go! Rose stands around 14.1HH and is very correct in breed type. She is an proven broodmare and is a rare black color to boot! She has elevated movement and is just gorgeous to look at. Rose is heterozygous black which means that she has a chance at producing the elusive chestnut!

Tiger Lily
(Foundation x Foundation)

Lily is a 1999 13.1HH zebra dun. Very sweet mare and loves her scratches. She was never trained to ride. We bought Lily in 2016 and are very happy to have acquired a mare that came from the last big gather of Spanish horses in 2001 from the Sulphur HMA. Lily is bred to Cesaré for an early 2018 foal.