Rancho de España Antigua


For Sale

Purebred California Vaquero Horses

We are pleased to offer the following purebred foal for sale. If secured in-utero, we will be offering at the discounted price of $6000USD. The price of this foal will increase after birth. Lady Diana is due in late May. We are expecting a high quality red dun or grulla foal that will stand between 14.2HH - 15HH. Cesaré has one copy of the black gene and one copy of the dun gene which means he can produce chestnut, black, red dun, and grullo. Lady Diana has one copy of the black gene and two copies of the dun gene which means that any foal she has is guaranteed to have dun factor. She can produce grullo and red dun.
 This foal would excel in working equitation, classical dressage, and endurance. Please send an email  for more information on the foal.

Purebred Lusitano Horses

Tiliangh CD is by Nostradamus do Mirante and out of Golilla. Both are imported. Tilly is a very sweet mare that is easy to catch, loves people, and is easy to breed. She has been used as a broodmare for most of her life, but due to her temperament, I think she would be an easy mare to put undersaddle and if she doesn't sell soon, I will have her sent to training once her filly has been weaned.


Born April 9, 2014. Gorgeous grullo stud colt with a half-moon shaped star. Expected height at maturity is between 14.2 - 15HH. Curious and lovely colt. Victoria has once again produced a foal that I would very much like to hang onto! Due to the rarity of this breed, preference will be given to interested persons that have interest in competing or breeding. Those persons interested in working equitation, classical dressage, endurance, reining, or cow work then please take a closer look at this foal. 

Price: SOLD!
Congratulations to D. Jones of California on your purchase of this exquisite colt! Look for Cesare Borgia de España Antigua in future competition and as a breeding stallion.


Catarina Sforza de España Antigua

By Mestene's Pueblo and out of La Victoria. Born 5/11/2011 grulla purebred mare. Catarina is extremely athletic, intelligent, sensitive, high spirited, curious, and with loads of potential to go wherever you want to take her. Will likely mature to about 14.3HH. 

Congratulaions T. Phelps of California on your purchase of this beautiful girl!

Doña Alabanza was born 5/5/05 and was the first effort I made in producing more of these wonderful horses. She is a 15HH grulla with no white. She is by Ronan de la Pluma Robles (bay) and out of La Victoria. She was sold to S. Olson of Cheyenne, WY and has subsequently gone on to produce beautiful foals herself.